Building Strong Brains continues to lead, facilitate, and support convenings across the network with a focus on the three focus areas of Maternal and Child Health, Quality Child Care and Early Learning Environments, and Community Supports for Children and Families. Community partners have come together bringing expertise, lived experience, and innovative problem-solving. Identification of complex challenges, actionable opportunities, and innovative problem-solving continue to progress the work.
  • Action Teams continue to meet monthly to explore, research, plan, and implement ideas to strengthen the early childhood system in Elkhart County. Partners have the opportunity to learn about important programming already in place and consider the gaps. Collectively solutions are leading to actionable steps.
  • Support Teams continue to meet monthly to research, plan, and implement communications and data strategies to support and inform the work of the collective coalition.
  • The Health System Alignment Team has met twice with a meeting scheduled for this month to continue the dialogue and innovative thinking across the collective health system for reducing barriers and improving maternal and infant health in Elkhart County.
  • The Leadership Table launched in February with content, context, and strategy experts who will provide an additional opportunity for innovative ideas and support the important work of the system-focused work.
  • The Steering Team continues to meet monthly to support the coalition through reducing barriers and accelerating the action work.