• FREE Professional Development Opportunity: Intentional Teaching (earlylearningindiana.org)
  • IU Early Childhood Center at the Indiana Institute of Disability and Community is hosting There is Always Hope: 2024 Early Childhood Relational Health Webinar Series. This multi-part series is completely free for all early childhood professionals in Indiana. Webinar topics include, Pediatric Behavioral Health: Insights into promoting well-being among our youngest learners. Early Relational Health (ERH): Strategies for enhancing school readiness through positive relationships. Classroom Resilience: Practical approaches to building resilience in early childhood settings. And more! Learn more and register here to secure your spot.
  • Systems change is complex, innovative, and interconnected. To learn more about systems change and interconnected practices for impact, read this piece from Tamarack Institute.
  • The TMW Center for Early Learning + Public Health at the University of Chicago—home to Parent Nation—is developing a powerful new survey tool that measures parents’ knowledge and beliefs about early childhood development. This tool, which is called SPEAK-CAT, will ultimately help researchers, clinicians, and other professionals understand what parents know about their children’s development—and how to best support them. TMW is seeking participants for a paid online study to help refine and validate the SPEAK-CAT tool.

If you are interested or know a parent or caregiver who is, please fill out or share the online survey (linked below) to see if you are a good match for the study. If you qualify, you will be invited to an initial study session, where you will complete a variety of survey items about your parenting beliefs and practices for approximately 40 minutes. If your child is old enough, you will be invited to two other sessions, which involve a brief recorded play session with your child with some additional surveys and activities (about 25-60 minutes) and an interview with a live researcher (about 30-40 minutes), both over Zoom.

As a thank you for your time, you will receive a $15 gift card following the first session. Participants who complete all three sessions, will receive up to $80 in total compensation.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the this screener.